Valid-653 and RAPID-653 are a pair of complementary solutions for ARINC-653 development. Valid-653 is a pure and complete implementation of the ARINC-653 APEX (APplication/EXecutive) interface for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) systems and other safety-critical environments.  RAPID-653 for Windows® is an ARINC-653 simulator running on top of Windows Win32 operating system that enables the rapid development, prototyping and debugging of ARINC-653 applications on familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Visual Studio® platforms.   

Valid-653 implements full time and space partitioning.  Applications are separated into separate Memory Management Unit (MMU)-controlled partitions on a single processor.  Each partition is guaranteed a slice of time for execution as specified by the system designer.  Processes inside each partition are scheduled on a priority-preemptive basis, similar to traditional RTOSes, with complete buffer, blackboard, semaphore, and event services, along with sampling and queued ports for inter-partition use.

Valid-653 is available for both safety-certified and non-safety-critical systems. 
Additional benefits of Valid-653 are:

  • Higher Software Portability.  Using the ARINC-653 industry standard, embedded system designers can now easily migrate and re-use application software to new platforms with minimal rework.

  • Reduced Software Verification.  Re-use of software already qualified on existing systems can now be quickly deployed in new environments with minimal re-testing.  In addition, new software can be added to existing systems without re-testing the entire platform.

  • Mixing of Different Criticality Software.  All systems enjoy the freedom to mix different criticality level software in separate MMU-controlled partitions.  This feature enables the use of trusted and untrusted software on the same platform, removing the need for additional processors and/or qualification cycles.

  • Support for Heterogeneous and Custom Environments.  Valid-653 not only supports the complete ARINC-653 API, but also supports running in-house and commercial/proprietary OS/APIs in its partitions.  This enables the mixed use of legacy code and new code on the same Valid-653™ silicon platform.


A complete Avionics Validation Suite™ is available for Valid-653 for all safety levels, including RTCA DO-178C Level A,  EUROCAE ED-12C Level A and IEC 61508 SIL4.

Validated Software can port Valid-653 to any semiconductor platform that supports robust hardware-based memory management for software partitioning.

Features and Benefits:

  • You choose the processor, compiler, and assurance level
  • Extensive hardware testing of APIs and services assure robustness of test results across multiple OS configurations
  • Complete life-cycle documentation for certification
    • Project, planning process and procedure documents
    • Software requirements, design documents, development standards and source code
    • All reviews, checklists and audit trails
    • Unit, integration, coverage test code
    • All unit, integration, coverage results generated on your target hardware
    • Configuration index, Software accomplishments summary, trace matrices, user manual
  • Easy to use, certification ready package
  • No-questions asked compliance guarantee
  • Committed to meeting your current and future needs - additional Validation Suites available for immediate use:
    • NAND, NOR, SDCard host drivers
    • SPI, I2C, CAN, RS232, RS422, RS485, …
    • Low-level initialization, boot-strap, power management IC, GPIO management



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