Rail and Transportation Validation Suites for
ExpressLogic ThreadX Certification

Demonstrating compliance to CENELEC EN-50128, IEC 62279, IEC 61508

With a worldwide installed base, Validation Suites are used by leading manufacturers of locomotive, control, signaling, and safety-systems. Validation Suites are proven in use and deployed for certification of CENELEC EN 50128 Safety-Integrity-Level 4 (SIL4) production systems in the EU, North America and Asia.

ThreadX is proven in the safety-critical device arena. Validation Suites are 100% complete, support all ThreadX APIs and services, and support all Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) including SIL 3/4.


Delivered 100% complete, Validated Software’s Transportation Validation Suites are ready to submit for equipment requiring CENELEC EN-50128, IEC 62279, and/or IEC 61508 certification. By providing certification support for the popular ThreadX real-time operating systems (RTOS), savvy manufactures use Validation Suites to slash man-years from safety-critical projects. Validation Suites contain time saving certification artifacts that comply with CENELEC EN-50128, IEC 62279, and IEC 61508 software development practices.

In addition to the RTOS project, build and source files, Validation Suites contain the essential software requirements, design, source code, test code, test results, requirements trace matrix, safety-manual and all other artifacts required to certify popular embedded real-time operating system software.

Regardless of the market, two things separate winning products from second place. Innovation, the ability to create new, efficient products is critical to success. However, innovation is not enough. Bringing that product to market first is also essential.  Napoleon once said “You may ask me for anything you like except time”. Today, over two-hundred years later leading locomotive, railway control and signaling manufacturers are slashing schedules as well as budgets with Validation Suites.

Successful development teams recognize the difficult act involved in balancing innovation with the risk associated with adding and integrating new features and technologies. Rather than starting from scratch; they use jumpstart their project with a proven development solution. VSC’s proven, cost-effective, CENELEC/IEC compliant Validation Suite. VSC complements, not constrains product development.

Validation Suites offer “off the shelf” prices, choice of hardware, tools and development environment so that development teams aren’t forced to learn new skills in parallel with new technologies. Validation Suites are available for popular real-time operating system kernels, and support a broad and growing set of “middleware” options such as fault-tolerant file-systems, Ethernet based connectivity, serial protocol stacks and board level software. Validation Suites reduce risk, save money and help developers focus on what is important - Not “Me too features and commodity OS software.”


Validated Software’s Rail and Transportation Validation Suites are certifiable to and have been proven for certification of devices up to and including EN-50128 SIL 4 / IEC 61508 SIL 3  

Additional information is available upon request. To request samples, click: Information Request Page.

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VSC offers a wide range of customizable Portable Driver packages with full certification artifacts. 
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Transportation Validation Suite Contents

Documents listed below are a representative sample. Actual documents, names, and their content is subject to change.

Software Safety Requirements Specification
Software Safety Validation Plan
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Development Plan
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Software Verification Plan
Product Source Code w/conditional test code
Software Requirements Document
Software Design Document
Integration Test Plans and Code
Integration Test Source
Unit Test Plans and Code
Unit Test scripts
Assembly Language Coding Standard
C Language Coding Standard
Software Design Standard
Software Requirements Standard
Code Review Procedure
Document Review Procedure
Document Review Sheets
Code Review Sheets
Requisite Pro database and reports
Target Software Safety Validation Plan
Target Software Requirements Document
Target Software Design Document
Target Source Code w/conditional test code
Target Integration Test Source

Integration Test Plans and Code
Integration Test Procedures
Integration Test Report
Integration Test Project Files
Target Software Unit Test Plans
Target Unit Test scripts
Unit Test Tool Libraries ported to target
Unit Test Project Files
Target Unit Test Procedures
Target Unit Test Reports
Safety Manual
Software Correlation Matrix/Test Coverage Report
Software Life Cycle Environment Configuration Index/Software Configuration Index
Software Accomplishment Summary
Document Review Sheets
Code Review Sheets
Process Review Checklists and Audit Reports
Requisite Pro database and reports
Lint Test, Unit Test & Integration Test Results
Lint static analysis configuration files
Compiler Tool Qualification Plan**
Cantata Tool Qualification Plan**
**SIL 3/4 Optional - Additional Cost