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VSC delivers DO-178B Level A µC/OS-II™ Avionics Validation Suite for Freescale’s MPC5121e

Lafayette, Colorado, April 2013, Validated Software Corporation (VSC), the leader in affordable safety-critical software certification solutions for Micrium’s µC/OS-II and µC/TimeSpaceOS real-time and embedded operating systems (RTOS), today announced the availability of the µC/OS-II Avionics Validation Suite for Freescale’s MPC5121e.

The release and customer delivery followed an extensive multi-vendor evaluation by an international avionics manufacturer*. At the end of the competitive analysis, the manufacturer chose the joint solution offered by VSC and Micrium. µC/OS-II is one of three Micrium sourced real-time OS kernels used extensively in safety-critical applications such as avionics, medical and industrial equipment. VSC’s family of Avionics Validation Suites includes both µC/OS-II and Micrium’s µC/TimeSpaceOS, a MMU enabled version of µC/OS-II that provides for time and space partitioning.

Each industry specific Validation Suite contains the development and test evidence demonstrating that µC/OS-II was developed, maintained, and deployed in accordance with the rigorous standards governing that industry. In addition to the RTCA DO-178B Level A, µC/OS-II Avionics Validation Suite for the MPC5121e, VSC’s charter included delivering additional processor support software and its associated certification artifacts

VSC’s DO-178B MPC5121e software and certification solution includes**:

  •  The DO-178B Level A µC/OS-II Avionics Validation Suite for the MPC5121e
  •  µC/OS-II™ real-time kernel port software with Valid-LLI and Valid-IRQ extensions
    •  Valid-LLI - Low-level initialization software to set up and configure the MPC5121e for safety-critical operation
    • Valid-IRQ – adds optional interrupt installer capabilities to µC/OS-II’s MPC5121e port software
  • Valid-485 – RS485 protocol driver
  • The certification artifacts for the VSC sourced software was integrated with the base µC/OS -II Avionics Validation Suite and delivered as a complete and comprehensive package


Validation Suites offer safety-critical developers the same type of benefits as µC/OS-II. The turnkey hardware tested Validation Suite is highly portable, frees staff from mundane development and testing tasks, and reduces the costs associated with verification and validation of the RTOS. Validation Suites provide the most cost effective means for enjoying the benefits of an RTOS in a certified device.


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