Industrial Control Certification Solutions Overview

IEC 61508

Compliance with safety-standards such as IEC 61508 has slowly morphed from “Nice to have”, to “Must have” for those who remain competitive in the global market place for industrial equipment. Useful in markets and industries that aren’t bound by statuary requirements, compliance with IEC 61508 provides those in procurement with an easy benchmark for supplier evaluation.  Much of modern industrial equipment has a real-time component. Our Industrial Validation Suites and Industrial Validation Kits are the fastest, easiest and by far the most affordable means to certify your device.

For developers who are not using Micrium or ExpressLogic, or need to create an IEC 61508 compliant development and test program. Our Industrial Validation Templates are available to jump start that effort.

We offer three tiers of help with your IEC 61508 certification


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Complete, Ready
to Submit for Certification

Validation Suites™ are a turnkey delivery of certification artifacts that are specifically developed and tested to meet the exact needs of your project. You specify the processor, the compiler, and the Safety Integration Level, and we do the rest. In sixty (60) days or less you receive a hardware tested, ready to reference set of IEC 61508 artifacts for the version of RTOS that is embedded in your device. The Industrial Validation Suite represents the best value of our industrial products. It is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to certify the RTOS in your device. 

Industrial Suites
for Micrium

Industrial Suites
for ExpressLogic




DIY Port then ready to Submit for Certification

Validation Kits™ are what we use as the starting point for every Industrial Validation Suite. If you order a suite we start with the kit, customize it for your processor and tools and deliver it. If you order a kit you do the customization at your own facility. The approximately 90% complete Validation Kit comes with a detailed manual, samples, examples and the templates you need to customize the kit to your specific hardware.

Industrial Kits
 for Micrium



DIY using your RTOS and our Documentation  Templates.

Validation Templatesare for those new to the certification process looking to implement a proven, practical, and affordable approach to device certification – and get it right the first time! Unlike our other Industrial products, our Industrial Validation Templates are not tied to any RTOS or any other software implementation


Our Guarantee

Our products undergo continuous evaluation and improvement. Every release builds on the lessons learned previously so that the products are easier to use, more accessible and continue to press the envelope of cost-effectiveness.  In addition to an unbroken record of successful certifications, you have our guarantee that we will fix any issues found in our products that jeopardize your device certification.

Suites vs. Kits?

Check out our Side by Side Comparison of Suites vs. Kits

Need a custom I/O driver?

VSC offers a wide range of customizable Portable Driver packages with full certification artifacts. 
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