Software Engineering, Development, and Test Services

Validated Software Corporation provides a complete range of Software Testing Services to meet all of your needs for Verification and Validation of Safety Critical Systems

Services include:

  • Test Plan Development
  • Requirements Development, Testing and Formalization
  • Development Plans and Procedures
  • Software Development
  • White box / Unit Testing
  • Black box / Integration Testing
  • Certification Document Template Packages
  • Training
  • Software Process Audits


Complete Validation Suites certifiable to national and international standards

Regardless of the size or scale of your project, Validated has the experience to add to your team.  Whether it’s a consumer item, industrial control or a Safety-Critical system, Validated is ready to help.   

We can provide you with an engineer to fill in the gaps in your development schedule, or an entire team to develop all of the software in your product.

  •  Medical Devices to FDA and IEC 62304 Standards
  • Safety Critical Devices and Systems
  • RTOS Development and Porting
  • Network Protocols
  • File Systems
  • I/O Controllers
  • Real Time Software
  • Embedded Controllers


Prove that your software does what you intended, and nothing else.

Our testing can help eliminate bugs and lower costs. Software bugs are a reality of software development. A developer’s job is to make software work and to prove that it does - Validated Software’s job is to try to prove that it doesn’t.  Post-production fixes can be both costly and embarrassing. Let our test engineers find the problems in your software -  instead of your customers.

Standards Testing Help.

Validated Software Corporation can provide test help at any level from internal standards development to code reviews to final test plan development and execution. Our engineers are specialists in testing software for use in Safety Critical applications such as medical products, avionics devices, and nuclear control systems.

Testing needs to be done concurrently with development.

Validated Software Corporation can help determine the amount of testing required and plan for it at the beginning of your project. Some Safety Critical products need test plans and procedures in place so that certain types of testing can start with development. We will be glad to advise you on what type of testing is necessary for your project.

Validated offers a wide array of services to speed your project to completion, including:

Porting Services

  • Ports to new processors, semiconductor platforms and cores
  • Development and certification of Board Support Packages (BSPs)
  • Ports of legacy operating system and application software

Development of specialized Validation Suites™

  • Port specific documentation/li>
  • Full Validation Suite™ documentation for BSPs and platform code
  • COTS software components
  • IIn-house and/or proprietary operating systems and components

Audit Assistance

Software Development



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