Certification Pack for ExpressLogic's ThreadX (RTOS)

The ThreadX Certification Pack™ is a 100% complete, turnkey, industry-specific, stand-alone package that provides developers with ALL of the ThreadX RTOS-related evidence needed to certify or successfully submit the ThreadX based product to the highest reliability and criticality levels required for safety-critical Aviation, Medical, and Industrial systems. With the ThreadX Certification Pack, developers can concentrate on their application code, and not have to be concerned with documenting, testing, and validating ThreadX itself. Instead, developers can simply submit the ThreadX Certification Pack along with their own certification artifacts for their application, and together satisfy all regulatory requirements.

The ThreadX Certification Pack saves time, saves money, and reduces risk in achieving certification for safety-critical systems.

Validated Software Corporation’s (VSC) Certification Pack for Express Logic’s ThreadX is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of the benefits provided by a real-time operating system kernel and do so with the confidence that the appropriate safety-critical device software life-cycle evidence is available at a reasonable price. The ThreadX Certification Pack is a turnkey delivery that contains EVERYTHING needed to prove that ThreadX is suitable for use in your product.

ThreadX Certification Packs Features:

  • Delivered complete - all software life-cycle documentation and test results gathered from testing on your hardware
  • 100% unit, integration and coverage tested on your target hardware
  • Design and test plans, procedures and test methods have clean, modular construction providing for rapidly retargeting of new processors and architectures
  • Support for any processor and DSP that ThreadX supports
  • No questions asked “Compliance Guarantee”


Standards Supported by ThreadX Certification Packs

The following US and International standards are supported with ThreadX Certification Packs


Certification Packs Reduce Risk

ThreadX Certification Packs mitigate risk in multiple ways, flexible licensing, fixed pricing, and field-proven experience.

Fixed upfront pricing prior to purchase

Managing risk and expenses is effortless when utilizing Certification Packs and Validation Kits. You will not see any unknown, inexact or post purchase order changes in the costs associated with your project. All Packs and Kits have fixed, upfront pricing.

Flexible licensing and business model

The considerable risk associated with bringing a safety critical product to market need not be increased with outrageous licensing restrictions. Express Logic’s licensing options are designed to facilitate the way you do business, not to constrain it.

ThreadX, developed and marketed by Express Logic, Inc. of San Diego, California USA, is a real-time operating system (RTOS). Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS is used in over 2 billion devices in Consumer, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace applications. design with FREE Express Logic ThreadX real-time operating system, middleware stack and more. . 


Certification Links for ThreadX


RTCA DO-178C, DO-248C, DO-278A, EUROCAE ED-12C, ED-94C, ED-109A


FDA510(k), IEC-62304, IEC-60601,


UL-1998, IEC-61508


CENELEC EN50128, BS50128,  IEC-61508


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